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Boris <3 Lera

Boris and Lera

I’m a big fan of creatively romantic moments. I even photographed my own proposal, if you’d like proof of this enthusiasm. That said, I came across a call for help from a fellow romantic and thought I’d contribute and be part of the fun!

Here’s the original post from Boris himself:

Hi , i dont know if is this right place to open this topic. I would like to ask you everybody who would like to help me, i know this forum is good place where you can meet people from all around the world.

I am in Long distance relationship, i cannot see my girlfriend for 3-4 months and only way to show her love is in some different things. I am from Serbia , and many of serbs already did this to their boyfriends/girlfriends so i also would like to give a try.

This is what i would like to do:
Who is willing to help, you have to write on peace of paper sentence Lera, Boris loves you and to write that in your language, and write place where you live. And then take a picture how you hold that paper for example from your view on the window or wherever you want.
For example like this one.
You can upload picture on some image host site and send me in private message, or just leave it here.

I hope you can do that for me, just couple of minutes and to me will mean a lot 🙂

Thank you very much !! 🙂

So much fun, right?! Post links to your Boris loves Lena pictures in the comment section if you want in on the action!


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