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Dear John

We had just begun a four-hour drive to a family reunion so it wasn’t exactly a good time to stop; my fiance’s father John was driving and we were on a schedule.  I really wanted to take a photograph of this red barn though.  I had been talking about it for days before finally having this opportunity and didn’t want to just cruise past only to spend the rest of the drive dwelling on what I missed.  I kindly asked if it might be okay for us to stop for just a few minutes so I could set up a quick photograph.  To my delighted surprise, John agreed and patiently pulled his truck to the side of the road.  It was in that moment I knew John had accepted me into the family.

On all our trips together since, he made a point to pull over whenever we saw a beautiful landscape.  He was an incredibly patient and loving man.  On May 4, John passed away from a cardiac pulmonary embolism.  He was 68.

I am incredibly grateful for the time I had with this charming, good-spirited, amusing and lovable man.  He will be deeply missed.


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